Terms & Conditions

Full details on OBW’s regular public walking tours (“public tours”) and private tours are described in the OBW brochures and on the internet web site www.berlinwalks.de.
For public and private tours, OBW reserves the right to make changes to itineraries if the route of the tour is disrupted by events beyond OBW’s control, such as failures in the public transport system; or state visits in central Berlin leading to road closures; or any other unforeseeable event.


Prices for tours paid in advance are binding once the purchase is complete. Tour prices include mandatory value added tax (MehrWertSteuer). There is no extra charge to the client for using the internet to pay for tours in advance. OBW reserves the right to change prices for any of its services at any time, but tickets purchased through the website prior to any changes are unaffected and remain valid. In the event that prices are lowered, there is no entitlement to a refund for the difference in price.
For public tours, the client may pay by credit card when purchasing a ticket through www.berlinwalks.de; or in cash on the day of the tour. In either case, prices do not include the clients’ public transport costs if these are incurred. In the case of advance purchases, a confirming e-mail will be sent by OBW to the client with a voucher containing a booking number; on receipt by the client, the purchase contract becomes binding. This voucher must be given to the OBW guide at the start of the tour and the client must provide photo ID (passport; driver’s licence; or student card) which agrees with the name on the voucher. If more than one ticket is bought at the same time, only the purchaser needs to provide photo ID. We regret that we cannot accept vouchers unless accompanied by matching photo ID.
For private tours, full payment is required in advance. Under certain circumstances, the client may pay a deposit via credit card or bank transfer with the balance paid in cash on the day of the tour. Prices include the cost of the guide and, in the case of motorized or bus tours, all costs relating to the vehicle. Other costs, such as entry to palaces, refreshments, public transport, etc. are not included in the price. When the full payment (or deposit payment) is received, OBW will e-mail the client, to confirm the length and type of tour, the starting place and time, and any other relevant information. When this has been confirmed by the client, the private tour contract becomes binding.

Cancellation And Rescheduling Conditions

1.) Public tours:
these tours run in all weathers and on all public holidays; in the extremely unlikely event that a public tour is cancelled by OBW, a full refund is payable to the client.
if a client cannot attend a tour for any reason, we regret that it is not possible to refund the advance purchase of tour tickets by credit card through www.berlinwalks.de for any reason. If OBW receives notice in writing more than 72 hours ahead of a public tour for which tour tickets have been bought, OBW can reschedule tickets for a later tour for no additional charge.

2.) Private tours:
the following cancellation fees will apply if the client cancels a private tour by notice in writing:
Up to to 72 hours before the tour is scheduled: 10% of the tour price.
between 72 and 24 hours before the tour is scheduled: 50% of the tour price, plus any costs associated with canceling vehicles/museums etc booked for the tour (if any).
less than 24 hours before the tour is scheduled, or if the client does not meet the OBW guide at the agreed time and place: 100% of the tour price.
If, unexpectedly, events on the day of the tour make it impossible or very difficult to conduct the tour, OBW will consult the client and do all it can to provide an alternative solution. If a satisfactory alternative cannot be found, either OBW or the client may cancel the tour. After OBW has deducted 10% of the tour fee to cover its preparation and costs; and the costs associated with canceling vehicles booked for the tour (if any); and 50% of the costs of unwinding the credit card payment, the client will receive the balance of monies paid by deposit, if any.

Data Privacy Protection

OBW would like to point out that private data that is necessary for business transactions will be processed and saved accordingly. OBW will not however pass on this data to others.

Place Of Jurisdiction

German law applies. Any disputes arising hereunder will be settled before a competent German court of law.